Friday, March 23, 2012

Today was the day to deliver new monthly schedules for the Mayfair. Did a route that I hadn't done before 'cause someone was sick. Started around Ottawa U land (which is a maze!), then the Arts Court, then down Elgin Street. Besides for the heavy lifting and manual labour potion of the schedule delivery chore, it's actually fun at most locations. In trade for the advertising, we give out thank you free passes to the places that are nice enough to carry the guides for us. Most people react to the free pass gift like they've just been given a jet-pack or a fresh new life sustaining body part. Which is a nice compliment that the Mayfair holds such an important place in their heart that getting to see a free movie brightens their day so much. Not sure what I'm looking most forward to seeing in April, either We Need to Talk About Kevin or Redline. Though I'm in the lucky position that I don't really have to choose favorites, I kinda' just live there and see everything. If I was forced to go see only one thing all month though, it would likely be the collection of shorts from the 1940's playing under the Three Stooges Follies banner. Watching that kind of stuff at the Mayfair is like time travel.

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