Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sometimes when one is unpacking long stowed away boxes, you stumble on unusual forgotten items of treasure...and or junk...or maybe a combo of both kinds a things. Moments ago I unpacked a box with the following contents: one action figure sized gun (likely Star Wars in origin), one Bart Simpson button, one Labyrinth movie adaptation comic, one copy of Marvel Comics version of Transformers #8 (Dinobots!), and a hologram Chicago Cubs sticker. Out of all of that stuff, the only thin a bit peculiar is the baseball sticker. Maybe it came out of a cereal box or Cracker Jacks or something like that though.

The true and genuine confusion comes from finding not one, not two, but the whole damn collection of Dazzler Comics. I now find myself in the possession of fourty-two issues of a Marvel mutant super-hero that for the most part wore roller-skates, sorta a female KISS shiny outfit, and was a pop star. I could see that I might own an issue or two that I maybe picked up at a garage sale or pulled out of a quarter bin, but a complete set? Tis truly a mystery for the ages, akin to Stonehenge, Sasquatch or UFO's. None-the-less, I will of course read all of ' curiosity is piqued.

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