Sunday, March 04, 2012

I encourage you to go to the Mayfair to watch movies as much as possible. Though sometimes we do show the same two movies on consecutive nights, so on such occasions where you already came to see Carnage & the Roger Corman documentary and don't want to watch the same movies two nights in a row, it's ok to stay home. I won't hold it against you and think that you are a shut-in.

On the rare evening when I'm not watching a movie at the Mayfair, I am often at home watching a movie. Thanks to the world of Netflix, there's never a shortage of bad movie to watch. I think that they may have good movies on there too, but my taste leans towards the regrettable. I prefer my valuable free time wasted by the sub-par, preferably something with a poorly executed monster special effect or below A grade actor in the starring role. Something that would upset a normal wiser person and make them say that they've wasted 90 minutes of their lives and can never get the time back.

All of these combined movie watching elements seem to of late lead me towards watching films produced by The Asylum. They have given us such mock-buster classics as Transmorphers, Termanators, Paranormal Entity, The Da Vinci Treasure, Halloween Night, Titanic II and (I kid you not) Snakes on a Train.

Tonight I watched Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes. This film makes use of the public domain characters, and came out right around the same time as that other similarly titled movie starring Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law that made hundreds of millions of dollars. Unlike that movie though, this one has actors who are alum of the Doctor Who and Star Trek universes. Besides for Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson, it also has a giant squid, a dinosaur, a robot dragon, a steam-punk style hot air balloon vehicle, and the Victorian urban legend character Spring Heeled Jack. What more could you want from a low-budget knock-off motion picture!? Well done Asylum, I look forward to your next hastily produced sham of a movie, which I will watch with great interest instead of doing something productive with my time like bettering myself through education or writing the great Canadian novel or whatever.