Monday, October 29, 2007

working the box office at the Mayfair for the K63

Another year of the Killer63 has come and gone. Meant to come and post an update over the weekend, but I'm fairly worn out and exhausted. Even getting up the ambition and will-power to do a lil' blog update is quite a feat for me at the moment. Anyhow, everything went really well. Been getting lots of ego boosting praise over the last couple days. Extra special thanks to all the filmmakers, cast and crew involved in making up the shorts that screened this year. And to the staff of the Mayfair, and to everyone who came out to our late late show premiere.

Despite wanting to take a bit of a break...wheels are already in motion for next year. Folks asking how to submit a film for consideration to be of maybe expanding to more days...maybe include some features. Lots of ideas. There will be a part 3 for Killer63 for sure. Halloween still a bit of time to get things organized again.

Oh...and for those who haven't heard yet, the Ottawa X-Press has nominated the K63 for the 'Best Film Festival' of 2007 in it's Best of Ottawa Reader's Poll. It only takes a couple minutes to vote if you head over to their site and do so, I'll be your best friend. Thanks.

Monday, October 22, 2007

The Killer63 preview trailer is up on YouTube. Brett (pictured above, acting in my short for the fest) did a fine job at putting it together. Go check it out.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Did an interview yesterday for CHUO in regards to the Killer63 fest. The interviewer (John Sekerka from a program called 'Tornado Warning') e-mailed me this morning to let me know that he's going to hold of on playing the segment until next week. For a Halloween themed night. If you're outside of Ottawa you can give it a listen on on Thursday the 25th, sometime between 10 - 11PM.

In related news, we finished shooting 'Cassandra' on the Saturday. Everything went well. After doing lots of dialog sitting around a table, got to do some fun action and fake blood and gun-play. I went in for some editing a couple days ago and will finish up on the weekend. Horribly behind schedule, but still in time for the screening. Putting together the master tape for the premiere on Monday (waiting for three more submissions...then we're all good).

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

This past Saturday we shot day 1 of my Killer63 project. And as per usual, the indie filmmaking gods were out to smite us. There was a message flashing on MSN, that was sent towards me at 5:20AM. It was from my assistant director, who is also the person getting us into the location (an office building that she used to work in that is now empty for a couple months). She was up all night due to her fiance (one of my actors) and his state of immense sickness. So at that point I pretty much figured the day was a write-off.

She was kind enough to still come out though. After the other actors and crew arrived on location, we discussed and decided to shoot everything we could do without our fallen to illness actor being present. Managed to get a good chunk of the dialog shot, and a couple other things. Including a cool lil' fx shot for our actress. I was very pleased with the performances, and all went well. We're returning on Saturday to finish up.

That puts me way past the deadline which I myself set for the fest. Sometimes these things happen though (and this Saturday is the only day where the trio of actors are all free). My editor did drop by today to pick up the stuff we got so far. Get a bit of a head start on that post-production work.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Y''s when the lil' dreams that come true that you have to stop, take a moment, and appreciate them. For the second year in a row the Killer63 presents a batch of short horror films, all making their premiere at the Mayfair. I love the Mayfair theatre. In high school my friends and I practically lived there. Memorizing Monty Python, shooting cap guns at the screen for John Woo films, spending full days avoiding sunshine by instead watching Star Trek marathons. And now I get to go see something I directed and the work of a bunch of my friends up on that same screen. Friday October 26th, 11PM (on the same night as a Pixar movie...that is also geekily cool!), spread the word, bring your friends.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Spent the weekend on the crew of my friend (who is also my film editor and co-producer on various fledgling projects) Bonnie's K63 short 'Infinity'. This pictured scene involves a bedroom, some insomnia, some nightmares and some excellent horror movie calibre screaming. She's underway on editing it now, then I shoot my K63 entry next weekend. Followed by doing post-production with her after that. Everything should be done at the eleventh hour, just in time for the extended deadline.