Thursday, February 18, 2010

A couple days ago, I accompanied some of the rest of the Mayfair gang over to city hall for a Heritage Day presentation ceremony. The Mayfair won the 'best theatre architecture in Ottawa ever' award...or something along those lines. The funny part is the nice congratulatory letter signed by the mayor. He was pretty much nothing but unsupportive and against any attempts made in saving the place. If it were up to him there'd be no Mayfair in existence right now. Take that Lex Luthor! (he looks like Lex Luthor).

Saturday, February 13, 2010

My friends at the Rideau Valley Roller Girls have their first bout of the year tonight! And in an excellent turn of events, at the last minute they've been moved to a larger venue than planned at Carleton University (from the Norm Fenn Gym to the Raven's Nest). Hence it's not sold out anymore, and tickets will be on sale at the door (well, for a bit...until it sells out again). Way more fun than any silly Olympic games you might watch on TV instead.

In 2007 (and in years since then) I greatly enjoyed working at the Blues Fest here in Ottawa. The musical highlight for me was the White Stripes, who were in the midst of a cross country tour of our fine country, in which they were hitting every single province and territory. Today I found out that after months of trying to track it down, the powers that be are FINALLY going to let us screen 'White Stripes Under Great White Northern Lights' at the Mayfair. A rock n roll documentary on the topic of the duo's quest across Canada. Keep an eye out for it on March 10th / 11th. Their fine band has done so much for us, the least you can do is come and see their movie.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Some of the highlights of my life now include: having my e-mail read by David Letterman as part of the CBS Mailbag, getting letters published in comics like Buffy and Hellboy, witnessing the last game of hockey ever played by Wayne Gretzky on Canadian soil, shaking hands with Bruce Campbell, and now I've had George Romero (yes...that George Romero!) type my name in an e-mail correspondence.

The latter is Mayfair related, and I will have more news on it soon.