Friday, February 23, 2007

A few more tantalising and exciting teaser shots from the action packed trailer for the non-movie phenomenon: 'Girls! Guns! Go!'.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Due to popular demand, here's a lil' look at 'Girls! Guns! Go!'. I'm thinking of putting the trailer up on the internet on one of them YouTube things. Just going to wait to find out the outcome of the festival contest first. Making fake trailers is fun (or as it was pointed out to's a real trailer, just a fake non-existent movie). Way easier to make a minute or two come out the way you envisioned it in comparison to trying to do the same thing with a feature length project.

The SXSW film fest (which is hosting the Grindhouse contest) goes down from March 9th - 17th in Austin, Texas. Robert Rodriguez picks the winners, which are set to be screened on March 11th.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

There's a movie coming out in a couple months called 'Grindhouse'. Actually, it's two complete feature-length movies ('Planet Terror' and 'Death Proof') under the banner of 'Grindhouse', being presented as a double-bill for one regular ticket price admission. One movie from my hero and yours, Robert Rodriguez, and one from Quentin Tarantino.

Also tagged onto the double-bill will be some trailers for some non-existent movies within the same genre. SXSW (a film and music festival from Austin, Texas) is showcasing 'Grindhouse' as part of their schedule. They're also holding a competition for filmmakers to submit their own fake movie trailers within the same 'Grindhouse' movie mind-set.

It all came about very last minute, and I almost gave up on the thought of participating due to being very busy as of late. Luckily things fell into place in the 11th hour, and the project managed to come together. So the weekend before last, Jera Kenez (who also shot stuff like 'Thursday' with me and 'Kingdom of the Vampire' with Brett Kelly) and I shot a bunch of random scenes for a trailer for a fake movie by the name of 'Girls! Guns! Go!'. A fun day of ladies in burlesque attire, one in a bathtub, one in bed, a knife, a sword, and lots of gun related action scenes. The best part is that it didn't have to really make sense, just look cool.

Then, this last weekend, my frequent collaborator Bonnie and I puzzle pieced images together to the music of the Bella Bombs and everything turned out just swell. I got the package sent off to SXSW yesterday. Even if no festival related award or praise comes out of it, this has proved a very fun lil' film-making experiment.