Friday, March 30, 2007

Got a call yesterday from area code 510. 'Where's 510?' I thought to myself as I picked up. Evidently it's in California. There's a new channel starting up called The Volt down in San Francisco and they needed my updated contact info to send me over a broadcast contract. So sooner or later some of the Batturtle shorts will be on TV down in the States. They said they'd keep me posted as to when stuff starts to actually hit the airwaves so I'd be able to spread the word. Their website is still in the midst of construction, but you can check it out here.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Over the weekend I helped out on the last couple days of shooting for 'Dead of Winter'. Which was well timed...because I think that the weekend may have been the last couple days of the season seeing how the weather is going and that the snow may soon disappear. 'DoW' is the latest project from director Jodi Pittman, who also contributed the short 'Daycamp Massacre' to the Killer63 fest late last year. Right above here is a shot of Jodi going all Rodriguez and pulling double duty as director / camera operator, as I stand by on boom patrol. There was thought that the movie would be a medium length short (45 minutes or so) and put onto a DVD with another horror film of similar running time. Now it may end up being a full length feature all on its own though. For further info on the project, feel free to link over to the Dudez Productions site.