Friday, June 16, 2006 I'm actually really truthfully going to try and make a go of this thing here.
As you might notice, I reserved this domain (is that what they're called?) back last year and really haven't done all that much with it.
I'm not all that skilled with all things computer.
And I have so so many comics to read.

But evidently this here blog-website is fairly easy to wrangle (a comic artist friend of mine makes use of it and claims so anyhow). Maybe soon I'll even figure out how to put up pictures (dare to dream)

I just needed a lil' corner of the 'net to put up some Batturtle related updates since there's some cool things happening.

The biggest thing right now is that the last Batturtle short, '07-07-13', was accepted into the Comic-Con International Independent Film Festival. So I'll be travelling down to San Diego for that. I've wanted to go to The Con forever, and this is a great excuse to do so.

There's also some TV news. But I'm not sure if I can officially talk about that until contracts are signed and payment recieved and such.

Ok...I'm gonna' go watch 'Nacho Libre' now.