Friday, March 09, 2012

I've already gushed about my love for The Muppets on here a couple times. Now I have the excuse to again, since starting Saturday March 10th at 1pm, and for four other March Break matinee screenings to follow, we will be screening the film at the Mayfair.

Watching The Muppet Show is my first memory. Receiving a Kermit the Frog from Santa is the earliest gift that I remember getting. My favorite part of Disney World was the Muppets 3-D attraction. I watch Muppet Family Christmas every holiday season. Listening to the original or any of the numerous cover versions of Rainbow Connection gets me a lil' choked up every time I listen to the damn song. And soon I will add a Kermit the Frog to my tattoo collection (my birthday present to me!). So yes, I take my Muppets culture rather seriously.

Having such a love for something can backfire if the latest offering doesn't live up to your up-on-a-pedestal expectations. Especially in geek culture, despite success of Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, DC Comics...every time a new something comes out from such franchises there are fans who are crestfallen and offended and crying foul that it does not live up to their loving obsessive expectations.

The Muppets has everything you could want in going to see a motion picture. It's hilarious, there's great music, and there are some dramatic moments in which you almost forget that the actor that you're watching is made of felt and plastic. If you didn't like the latest Muppets film, I think it is safe to say you may need to re-examine your life. You may need to instigate an event that makes your tiny Grinch heart grow a few sizes.