Saturday, November 21, 2009

Been working on the latest Killer63 short horror film festival for a lil' while now. Have about eight or nine filmmakers confirmed as participants, and a number of other submissions received or on their way in to me. And, have a fancy new logo thanks to K63 alum Brett Kelly (I like it...looks very EC Comics). I'll be shooting my short next weekend, as per usual, at a much later date then I had originally planned. After I get everyone's stuff in, I'm going to slap together a trailer to show at the Mayfair (guess I'll post it online as well).

I'll try my best to be more frequent with festival related updates. Be sure to keep your calendar clear on Friday December 18th at 9PM for the big premiere of Killer63 IV at the Mayfair!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Kind of a last minute entry...but I was stuck working all day, so this is my first chance to sit at the computer. Tonight marks the Ottawa premiere of SMASH CUT at the Mayfair! A film which was directed, written by, features music by, and stars various owners, managers and friends of the Mayfair Theatre (like my geeky movie friend Jennilee, in character in the above photo as Gigi Spot).

I'll be shocked if the place isn't packed tonight. So, if you're coming out, be sure to arrive nice and early for all the crazy horror fun.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Today it was announced via the Ottawa X-Press that the Mayfair was awarded the best movie theatre ever award. My friend corrected me that it was actually: The Mayfair has won the best movie theatre in the history of the galaxy, now and ever shall be, Amen.

Both might be a slight exaggeration and paraphrasing of what actually happened or was printed. In reality, the Best of Ottawa 2009 poll results were published in the new issue of the X-Press, and the Mayfair got awarded the distinction of the 'best alternative to a multiplex movie theatre'. Which is pretty awesome...though the title of the category still seems a bit strange, plain ole' 'best theatre' would be nice. Anyhow, nit-picking aside, thanks go out to the X-Press for the nomination and all the fine folks of Ottawa for voting.

PS - The cover of the issue features Sasha Grey in 'Smash Cut', which was filmed in part at the Mayfair (and screens November 20th!)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Mayfair Theatre (the bestest theatre in all the land) has been nominated in two categories in the ‘Best of Ottawa 09 Readers Poll’ in the X-Press. Hence, now I will shamelessly ask (because beg is such a harsh word) everyone I know to take a moment, link over to their website, and vote for us as ‘best alternative to a multiplex’ and ‘best film festival’ (for the 'Silents is Golden' series). It should just be a category titled 'best theatre', wording there makes it sound like the best way to see a movie is in a multiplex... which is madness.

I should have posted this request a bit earlier…but didn’t think that a year end poll would close on Wednesday November 11th at 11:59PM. Y’know…’cause I thought the year ends at the end of the year, like say December 31st or so.

Anyhow, if you have a chance to vote, it’s greatly appreciated by me and the rest of your friends at the Mayfair:

X-Press Best of Ottawa 09 Readers Poll