Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dear DC Comics,

I have been reading your comics my entire life and I love you very much. I have Plastic Man tattooed on my left arm, Big Barda on my right. I have four pages of original DC Comics art framed and up on the wall, and a Power Girl statue on display above the TV. Whenever I find myself questioning what I should do in regards to various life decisions, I ask myself, "What would Batman do?".

I must give you some regretful tough love though and hit you with some harsh honesty in regards to your new logo. Your new logo is horrible. It's not just horrible, it's sub-par and unpleasant to look at. It hasn't even become your new logo yet, and I already miss your old logo. The only thing that makes me sadder than your new logo is the likelihood that you paid some douche-bag company a truck-load of money to come up with that damn thing. For shame DC...for shame.

I'm going to print up some stickers of your old logo's to put over the new logo's for my Batman and Green Lantern and various other books come March.