Saturday, February 25, 2012

In getting everything prepared for the move in a couple days, I was trying to change my Transformers toys of Grimlock and Starscream back into dinosaur and plane modes for easier packaging. I could do neither.

When I was a kid I could transform any robot into any form of vehicle or creature with the greatest of ease, without any hint of knowledge or instruction booklet for the action figure in hand. I have clearly lost that immensely important skill. Which either means I'm getting old (which y'know, mathematically I am in fact in compared to 25 years ago when Transformers initially hit the market), or that that geek portion of my brain has been filled. Older unused for a while information like toy shape-shifting must have been pushed aside for more recent important geekery the likes the New 52 DC Universe, Buffy-verse comics, hoping Bruce Campbell will do more movies, zombie survival tactics, who's going to play the next Batman, why we have to wait so long for more Doctor Who episodes, etc...

It's a shame, especially considering how little of my day is wasted thinking about grown-up things. Not sure what I can cut to make more room for Transformers dynamics. I'll just have to somehow become independently wealthy, then I can stop wasting my time working, house-cleaning, grocery shopping, bill paying...and fill that voice with trying to re-learn how to turn a dim-witted space robot into a Tyrannosaurus Rex.