Friday, February 24, 2012

I have loved PIXAR since the 1986 short film Luxo Jr, which blew my mind and confused me as to whether it was puppetry or stop motion or some kind of magic. Besides for those Cars movies, I think that they are otherwise flawless. They care so much about storytelling and quality, and almost always hit the mark whether their movie is about toys or bugs or fish or a robot. They have been justly rewarded with not only a loyal fan-base, but underrepresented box office success and a truck full of awards.

The poster for their newest effort has me very excited, and makes me think that they are about to bounce back and learn a lesson after the sub-par-mess that was Cars 2. Not the worst movie ever made, but not worthy of the PIXAR brand (especially when other companies are producing some great CG animation like Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, How to Train Your Dragon and Rango). You let me down PIXAR, but I am ready to forgive and forget about talking cars and for the next four months think about what magical adventure that lays ahead with this mysterious red-head brandishing a bow & arrow. Throw another Toy Story short in front of it and I'll be really ecstatic.