Thursday, September 06, 2012

Often prints for genre fan-favourites are simply and sadly too expensive to bring in to screen at the Mayfair due to small movie-watcher turn outs for cult classics. Solution? Advance tickets!

At the Mayfair we currently have tickets available for John Carpenter's alien invasion 80's masterpiece, They Live. The 1988 Roddy Piper starring cult classic is not only awesome, it is one of the most highly requested movies that we get asked to screen. For a mere $10 bucks you can place your approving vote that this is the kind of programming you want to see at the Mayfair more often.

All we need to do is sell 75 tickets by September 15th to make this happen. The early nature of ticket cut-off date is due to information needed to puzzle-piece together the monthly schedules in an advanced nature of course. We have a 325 seat capacity, so selling 75 tickets seems like an easy goal for our lovely geeky patrons to help attain.

I was inspired to give this system of ticket sales an attempt upon listening to a Nerdist podcast wherein ticket sales was a topic of conversation. The stand-up comedian guest had had quite a bit of success selling tickets in smaller venues and markets in this manner. If this works, I hope (as do many others I'm sure) that this can be a monthly and regular tradition.

75 tickets by September 15th = 35mm print of They Live at the Mayfair.
Countdown has begun...Go buy tickets!

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