Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Finished reading Writing Movies For Fun And Profit, written by Robert Ben Garant and Tom Lennon. This comedic screen-writing text book has Fun and And crossed out, and is subtitled: How we made a billion dollars at the box office and you can too.

I was a big fan of Garant and Lennon's work on Reno 911, and am familiar with Lennon thanks to frequent appearances on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. I'm also familiar with their filmography, that they've written some very mainstream flops like Taxi and Herbie Fully Loaded, and some hits like the Night at the Museum films.

Their book is interesting because it works on various levels depending on what you are reading it for. If you have no interest in writing, it is a very funny look behind the scenes at the inanity that is Hollywood. If you are a movie buff, the book serves as a very interesting and honest look behind the scenes of film production. And finally, if you are an aspiring or employed writer, the book is actually a very valuable educational text book resource despite it's goofy comical appearance.

Writing Movies For Fun And Profit is a successful book on many levels. It's a very a humorous read, great if you are a the kind of geek who likes listening to audio commentaries, or a great tool if you are legitimately curious to learn some very valuable writing and business tips. Plus you get a lot of unbelievable stories which prove that exec's in Hollywood are all idiots and or a horrible peeople...and they make fun of Lindsay Lohan a lot.

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