Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tonight at 7pm at the Mayfair we present the latest screening in our 80th anniversary celebration / decade countdown event. For the best of the 1960's we present the Oscar winning epic that is Lawrence of Arabia. Come out and watch the brilliance that is the performance of Peter O'Toole, and help us creep toward our goal of being able to afford a fancy new digital projection system and have the technology to be able to continue to screen movies into the new year and beyond.

As a footnote, Lawrence of Arabia is a very appropriate movie to catch before coming to see Prometheus (which we coincidently are screening the next two nights). Come and partake in one of the greatest cinematic epics ever made, then come and see an excellent piece of sci-fi that references it. Lawrence of Arabia is a classic, you'll be supporting the Mayfair, and as an extra bonus it will make you even more impressed with Michael Fassbender's android portrayal.

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