Saturday, August 25, 2012

Not so surprisingly, when staying in a hotel in the middle of nowhere in New York state, there aren't a ton of food eating options. When you are a finicky vegan, culinary options are even slimmer. Was happy that we stumbled on a Red Robin restaurant, which I had mistakenly thought only existed on the west coast. Last time I ate at one was on a visit to Vancouver in the late 90's.

Not only is it a lovely movie poster and flare filled restaurant with a Galaga game in the lobby, they also have a shockingly vegan accommodating menu for folks like me for an American burger chain. On top of that they not only have the somewhat common bonus of free drink refills, they also have free fries refills. Free french fry refills! You did not read that incorrectly...those crazy bastards at Red Robin will give you an endless supply of french fries. I wasn't even hungry anymore, I might have even felt a lil' woozy, but just in principal I ate an extra round. Imagine if all the burger joints gave you all the french fries you could eat...what a wonderful french fry world it would be.

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