Monday, March 17, 2014

It seems a little late (or really early), but March's issue of Marvel's best comic book takes a swift turn into the bizarre with a Holiday Special. Cartoon-y guest artist Chris Eliopolous steps in to help tell the faux Holiday teevee cartoon tale of the Winter Friends. Except for book-end pages, the bulk of the issue is devoted to the super-hero team adventure of Yaldog, Rama-in-Pajamas, Santalope, Samantha Hain The Pagan Princess, Kwanzaagator, and Menorable.

This wonderful multi-cultural, multi-belief, multi-nationality, multi-celebration, multi-holiday, multi-animal super-hero team extraordinaire is my new favourite go to example that we can all get along at the Holidays and that Fox News has no need to worry about the non-existent war on Christmas. I hope Marvel publishes more adventures featuring these guys come Holiday season. I want toys!

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