Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I already have accumulated a good handful of "when I was a kid" statements or complaints in regards to our futuristic modern times.

When I was a kid there was no internet, if you wanted to find something out you had to go to a library. My friends and I used to go to the library to research character traits and plot points for role playing games. When I was a kid if you wanted to find out movie listings, or sports scores or the weather report, you would have to read a newspaper. Often, to find out the current events, you'd have to wait a not so current 24 hours or more.

When I was a kid you couldn't just click on Netflix to watch a movie or teevee show whenever you wanted to. You had to leave the house, go to a store, get a movie, bring it back home, watch it, then bring it back to the store! To watch a teevee show you'd have to wait until a pre-scheduled time and sit through commercials. If you missed an episode,you'd have to wait until it was re-run to fill in the blanks.

When I was a kid, cartoons could for the most part only be watched on Saturday mornings. During those Saturday morning marathons you ate sugary cereal from boxes which always had a prize inside of it. Saturday Morning Cartoons have seemingly become a thing of the past, and with budgetary restraints and monetary corners to cuts, so have prizes in cereal boxes.

So, DC Comics announcing that there will be 4 comics to collect via cereal boxes fills me with a lil bit of nostalgic geeky joy. Maybe this endavour will garner heightened cereal sales and we'll turn a corner and be returned to a wonderful world where kids can look forward to prizes accompanying their breakfast cereal fun.

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