Sunday, March 02, 2014

I totally understand when people either look negatively towards or don't take seriously the impact that the Academy Awards hold on the cinematic arts. I'm on board with the thought that movies really shouldn't be put into best of lists or judged the best of a calendar year. I think movies are rather subjective. I was really not a fan of the movie Crash, yet it won best picture a few years back. This year I really loved Gravity and Nebraska, but I know a number of folks who don't think they are nomination worthy.

Aside from being uninterested in movie awards, I none-the-less really love Oscars night thanks to the Mayfair Theatre. Every year we do a live telecast of the event up on the big screen and pack the place with well dressed patrons. We also have a liquor license for the evening and we'll have treats from Auntie Loo's and pizza. There will be prizes to be won and all kinds of fun to be had.

In the same way that the original traditions of Christmas mean little to me, but I still love Christmas...I don't care what wins what, it won't effect my opinion of a movie, but watching the Oscars on the big screen with 300 loyal cinema fans is super fun. And there's a chance that a Jackass movie can win an Oscar tonight!

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