Thursday, May 22, 2014

There was much excitement on the Mayfair Theatre corners of the Facebook and Twitter universes at the announcement today that we'll be screening what was once known as the Indiana Jones Trilogy on Saturday June 14th. Now-a-days, whenever one mentions Indiana Jones now-a-days, the first thing that many people seem to do is start ranting about how much they hate the fourth film. Some associate The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull with the same anger and displeasure that one might for falling down the stairs or watching a puppy getting beaten.

Crystal Skull is often my go to example at the subjective manner of cinema. I don't really listen to what film critics say put much stock in awards. Sometimes movies I like happen to be critically acclaimed and win awards, but just as often there are movies I like that receive a single star rating and aren't allowed within miles of an awards ceremony. Army of Darkness got the lowest rating possible from The Ottawa Citizen, and somehow didn't get a single Oscar nomination, and yet I love it with all of my heart.

Back in 2008, one of my best friends and I went to see Speed Racer, and a couple days later went to s Crystal Skull. As the credits rolled on Speed Racer, I pretended to type out a letter to the Wachowski's to ask them to please stop making movies. My friend on the other hand thought it was cartoony filmmaking brilliance. A few days later we went to see Crystal Skull, which I watched for 2 hours in a state of childlike joy and wonder. My friend was not as impressed. Neither of us were incorrect in our opinion, and that's why I think critics and awards organizations can't really be trusted.

Many hold the original Indy Trilogy on a pedestal, thinking that thy are all filmmaking perfection. Seemingly they have forgotten that Temple of Doom got a truck-load of negativity driven towards it for the musical number, for the voodoo, for Willie Scott, and for Short Round. It's like how Star Wars geeks praise the original Star Wars Trilogy as sci-fi fantasy cinematic perfection, conveniently forgetting stuff like the highly besmirched Ewoks. In conclusion: I liked Crystal Skull and Ewoks and I don't care who knows it!

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