Friday, May 02, 2014

Happy Free Comic Book Day eve! Tomorrow is my favourite holiday of the year. Drop by your favourite comic book store and get some greatcomic books for the very reasonable price of free. If you aren't a reader of the wonderful world of comic books, seek out a store and pick up some great samples to take that first step into a brave new world.

The twelfth annual Free Comic Book Day acts as a thank you to the fans, a promotion to get new readers into stores, and a way to spread publicity to something that means so much to a comic geek like me. This year there are offerings with familiar comic book icons the like of Archie, The Tick, The Smurfs, Judge Dredd, Teen Titans and Guardians of the Galaxy. There are also a myriad of other pop culture mainstays appearing in comic book form like The Simpsons, Adventure Time, Spongebob, Mega Man and Avatar. They've done a great job at compiling a diverse selection of indie, mainstream, kid friendly, adult stuff, and all kinds of different genres.

So, get up Saturday morning and go get yourself some free comics and support the lovely comic book store folks and pick up something there in exchange for monies while you're there too.

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