Sunday, May 04, 2014

Some people are not collector's...they don't get it. I'm far from a hoarder, and I don't buy anywhere near the toys and stuff that I used to, but I still have a collector's vibe running through my veins. One geeky addiction that can be spotted on display throughout my apartment is my love of vinyl art toys, specifically stuff from Kid Robot. There was a sale at Lost Marbles, which of course means that I had to buy some more vinyl toys. Luckily my girlfriend supports this habit instead of shunning and judging it, and we walked away with a new armful of blind-boxed treasures. I managed to get three new Marvel Labbit toys without getting any doubles (I often have bad luck with doubles). My favourite is the Cap Labbit...I want more feel free to buy some for me, I will give them place of honour on a nice shelf in a good home.

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