Sunday, August 25, 2013

Went to a Toronto eatery for brunch called Starving Artist. A lovely little place that had a teevee inside playing old time cartoons, where I got to eat tasty vegan waffles. My friends who were accompanying me had more meat based fare, so if you are of a more carnivorous persuasion you'll have no shortage of selection. As an extra bonus, the place is swarming with roughly one bazillions wasps. Wasps in bug form, not as a descriptive of a sub-genre of human. Nothing makes a meal taste more delicious then keeping dangerous bitey flying insects at bay.

On the subway to Fan Expo, I picked up a newly released magazine for the upcoming Toronto International Film Fest. I flipped through looking at their selections, then happened on the page with ticket info. To purchase a regular adult movie ticket, it will cost a Torontonian a whopping $23.50. If you are going to a fancy red carpet event, that will run you a whopping $45 bucks! To watch a movie! I have been told over and over again that TIFF is a terrible festival in terms of regular person attendance, that it was horribly over priced and most of what they have will be at other theatres soon after. It's not like Fantasia, where it's filled with rarities and tiny independent selections. I didn't realize it was so terribly over-priced though. I tossed out the magazine in disgust.

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