Thursday, August 08, 2013

Tonight I went out for dinner and got vegetarian pizza with Daiya cheese replacing cow cheese. On the positive side of things, it's nice that I can get a tasty vegan approved meal at an everyday run-of-the-mill pub. On the negative, why am I charged $3 bucks extra for cow cheese to be replaced with Daiya cheese? It's not like they had to throw away the other option in order for my request to go through. They took one thing that cost money, did not use it, and used another thing that cost money in it's place. If you are getting extra bacon on your burger or poutine instead of fries or ice cream with your pie or butter on your popcorn...I understand the additional fee. I don't get charged extra for a veggie burger instead of a meat burger. I don't get charged extra for a Coke Zero instead of a Coke. I don't understand being charged for a topping in lieu of a different topping. That is my complaint of the day. None-the-less...the pizza was tasty.

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