Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tomorrow marks the official day celebrating the 75th birthday of Batman, the greatest comic book character of all time. Whether it be in comic books, teevee, movies, video games,or merchandise, no other character comes near to Batman. There have already been a number of special bits of animation and comic books and Bat related events throughout the year, but tomorrow marks the day when you can visit your favourite comic store and get a free Batman comic in honour of the Dark Knight's special day (amongst other fun events).

At the Mayfair Theatre, we're celebrating with a special double-feature screening of Batman 66 and Batman 89. We'll even have a batch of cosplay hosts and some great prizes to give away thanks to our friends at the Comic Book Shoppe.

Batman's 75th counts as an official holiday, so feel free to skip work or school in order to celebrate the world's favourite super hero in all of his glory.

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