Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Dear Facebook Trending,

F you, and the rest of the pop-culture and mainstream media, for feeling ok with spoiler-ing plot points and twists and endings right in the headlines of your articles. Case in point, as my eyes drifted over to the 'trending' portion of the Facebook page, the ending to Life with Archie #36 was ruined for me. I try my best to avoid such things, but there it was on my Facebook page. I wasn't even looking at a comic geek website or anything!

I don't understand the mindset in doing this in articles. Actually, that's not true. I kind of do get it. As guilty as the media is, the publishers shoulder a lot of the guilt too. They give out the press releases with said spoilers in them,in hopes to garner attention to their books and sell some more issues to non-geek normal folks. I think that there's still the mindset that buying a comic book and keeping it in mylar for 20 years will mean that you can sell it and put your future kids through college. This is of course not true. The issues that non-comic reader types thing will be worth a truck-load of monies are ones where someone dies. So, due to this I already know that Archie dies in Life with Archie #36, and now I know how he dies.

It's all very frustrating. Imagine if the trailers for Empire Strikes Back revealed that Darth Vader was Luke's dad. Imagine if articles about Usual Suspects before its release gave away the movies ending. At the original run of Romeo & Juliet did the patrons in attendance all get told that the two lads die in the end? I don't think so.

Pleas stop being jerks about this. I like being surprised.

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