Monday, July 14, 2014

The latest in a long line of Silver Surfer incarnations / reboots / new takes is up to the third issue, and it is great. It comes from the creative team of writer Dan Slott (who continues to do a fine job on Spidey) and art and colours from the always impressive creative couple Mike and Laura Allred.

Most importantly, Silver Surfer is a self contained series, which I lean towards more and more now-a-days. I hate giant multi-teared story-arc's where you are encouraged to buy dozens of accompanying issues to the main story. And without fail, the whole story arc now-a-days ends up being a cash-grab vs storytelling and most the issues with a cross-over's logo stamped on it don't really need to be read. Marvel is especially guilty of these forms of comic book publishing.

Luckily, at the same time Marvel manage to sneak out a few books like Hawkeye or She-Hulk, or Silver Surfer. Silver Surfer is lots of fun, filled with comic book worthy big-time outer space imagination, and looks very pretty with it's indie cred /mainstream mash-up Allred style. I always thought that Silver Surfer was the perfect weird goofiness / epic adventure that comic book medium excels at (a Silver guy on a surf board flying around outer space!?). So far, this young series is worthy to the classic Stan Lee / Jack Kirby legacy.

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