Sunday, April 13, 2014

Our manager at the Mayfair Theatre unrolled a poster from a newly arrived in the mail tube, and upon seeing the contents, my heart skipped a beat. At first glance the poster for Journey to the West, the latest from martial arts filmmaking mastermind Stephen Chow, seems to have a poster by Drew Struzan. Upon closer observation, the signature didn't match Drew's familiar signature scrawl.

The poster comes from an artist by the name of Paul Shipper, who quite clearly wanted to be Drew Struzan when he grew up. At first I admit that I was a bit mad that this guy was copy-catting and tracing the perfected style of a master. Upon looking at the artists website though, I have to forgive him because he has produced so many amazing looking movie inspired works. On his website you'll find beautiful posters for Star Trek: Into Darkness, The Avengers, Pacific Rim and more. All of which of course were not used as the actual theatrical posters for any of these films, because whoever is in charge of the poster department of Hollywood is a fool.

Peruse some very pretty movie posters for yourself over at the Paul Shipper Studio site.

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