Friday, April 18, 2014

Every year I sneak into the Mayfair with my friends to hold a private birthday screening on my own behalf. This year, things got a bit delayed 'cause Craig Ferguson was in town performing on my birthday last month. He was supposed to be here in January, but he got prevented from coming thanks to illness. Plus,its more difficult to sneak in now-a-days 'cause we do matinees all the time and also rent out the place for weddings and private events and such.

A space opened up this Sunday, so I'm jumping onto that afternoon to bring my friends together to watch a movie. It's not the best of days, since a lot a folks are going to be busy Easter-ing in some capacity, but a handful of us will get together to enjoy some Muppet goodness.

My pal Tall Josh can't make it, so he drew me up this great Rocket Raccoon birthday wish in his absence. Having talented friends is such a nice bonus on so many levels. If you haven't checked out Josh's online comic, zap on over to Robots of Futuretown.

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