Thursday, April 03, 2014

News quickly leaked today that David Letterman will be retiring sometime in 2015. The musical guest of the nice twittered about it during the taping of the episode, and it zapped along the internet and news spread at super speed, as news tends to do now-a-days. It's almost good that the announcement got spoiled for me, and I didn't learn from it via Dave as he sat behind his desk. Then I might have been a real mess.

Dave delivered the news like any other story he's told in such a manner, after his stand-up monologue and before his first guest. His announcement was laid back, it was funny, and filled with that reserved Letterman class and charm. This day had to come sooner or later, it's not the end of the world, but it fills me sadness to think of a world without Dave hosting a talk show. Now I must brace myself for a year of getting emotional at what I'm sure will be a parade of tributes and praise coming Dave's way. I don't want to discuss and debate at who might be the new host of The Late Show, I just wanna enjoy one last year of the genius of David Letterman.

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