Saturday, February 08, 2014

I do love a good documentary, of any subject matter. Via his Doug Loves Minis podcast, Doug Benson gave out the recommendation to check out the My Little Pony fan documentary called Bronies. I've never watched the cartoon, but have heard the rumblings at how surprisingly great the animated series is. As Doug commented, the doc starts out a bit rough around the edges, but once the endearing and inspirational nerds are introduced it becomes a very interesting doc. Plus, there's some fun animation, and appearances from legendary voice actor Tara Strong, and Q himself, John DeLancie. It's great that what easily could have been a blatant brainwashing commercial to trick girls into buying toys, has actually become a worthwhile quality program. And as Doug warned, this doc about boys and men who are fans of a cartoon about talking ponies, did indeed get me choked up a couple times.

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