Sunday, February 09, 2014

Finally read Supergods by Grant Morrison, my favourite writer. The book is the historical journey through the comic book age of superhero's / the autobiography of Grant's life while writing the characters. It's a fascinating read for a comic geek, and I would hazard a guess that it would be a very interesting read for the normal human too. I'm all on board with Grant's belief in alternate universes, aliens, that he's met comic book characters in real life...all kinds of awesome madness. If Grant started up a scientology like church, I'd be front of the line to sign up. Hence, I admit that I might not be the toughest critic of his work. Like all of Grant's best work, this visit into non-comic writing is interesting and full of imagination, and packed with comic book history that even a life long devotee like myself wasn't knowledgeable of. Plus, you just might come out of it convinced that the future can effect the past. Which is something that I never pondered before, but thanks to Grant, I now believe.

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