Saturday, February 16, 2013

Throughout 2012, we at the Mayfair Theatre undertook an ongoing fundraiser campaign in an attempt to purchase a new digital projector. The reason we had to do this was: (A) The world of movie distribution and presentation is on the end of a major over-haul and technological switch up as 35mm film goes extinct, and (2) Although we all wish that repertory theatres were more successful and profitable enterprises, we simply don't have $45,00 in the bank (I'm not sure if we have $45 in the bank). Thanks to our amazing and generous patrons, the fundraising campaign was successful. All the needed monies were acquired, a fancy new DCP projector was purchased, and our lovely old theatre can happily stay open and continue to screen movies new and classic.

As a thank you to the loyal Mayfair fan-base, this-afternoon we're presenting a free screening of the western cult classic Johnny Guitar. If a free screening of an awesome movie isn't enough to entice you out of the house for a cinematic afternoon, we will also have a whole bunch of awesome prizes to give-away.

Johnny Guitar screens at the Mayfair Theatre later on today at 3:00pm

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