Thursday, February 14, 2013

It might seem like a slightly mean opinion, but I've always thought that the people who don't like Valentine's Day are the ones who have nothing to do on Valentine's Day. If folks who "Bah humbug!" the day had someone ask them to go out on a go to dinner or a movie or the theatre...I can't help but think that a person would have no logical reason to be so negative about the day.

The other complaint against the day that I've heard over and over again is that it's a fake made up day. I've never quite comprehended this argument, seeing as by that point of view pretty much everything is a fake made up day. Once upon a time someone made up Halloween and Canada Day and lunch-time and Thursday. Everything was made up by someone, and before that point it did not exist, and after it did exist it evolved and adapted and maybe even came to mean something else than it did at the beginning. So pointing at poor ole' Valentine's Day and accusing it of being unworthy to other high calibre calendar dates the like of Groundhog Day and Family Day seems a bit strange to me.

For Valentine's Day this year my girlfriend and I will enjoy a tasty meal and cupcakes and go see a Beatles cover band. Plus a received the extremely romantic gift of The Avengers and Brave on Blu-Ray. Any day in which all of that awesomeness happens cannot be all that bad, whether it's a fictional day or not.

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