Wednesday, February 20, 2013

It seems that at the Mayfair that we have a habit of showing fascinating and yet over all depressing environmental themed documentaries that leave you with a feeling that human beings have messed everything up to such an extent that there's no point in trying to set things right.

The latest in our series of slightly disconcerting end-is-nigh documentary features that we are hosting is Chasing Ice. If you had any level of interest or concern about global warming or the melting of the ice-cap's or other such humanity crushing disasters that continue to loom over-head, then this is the movie for you. All inducing of a sense of dread aside, Chasing Ice is an intriguing documentary focusing on a heroic character and features absolutely mind-blowing photography (like ice flows the size of Manhattan breaking apart and flipping over).

Chasing Ice screens twice more at the Mayfair, tonight and tomorrow (Feb 20 & 21) at 7:00pm

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