Saturday, February 09, 2013

A few years back when Disney bought up Pixar, my initial concern was that Disney was going to ruin Pixar. Not too long before the acquisition went down, Disney was rather underhandedly threatening to go ahead with films like Toy Story 3 without Pixar talent (or Tom Hanks or Tim Allen) involvement. Also, the straight-up non-Pixar Disney animated output from around that time wasn't exactly stellar classics for the ages.

Luckily, just the opposite happened and Disney did not spoil Pixar, Pixar in fact managed to improve upon Disney. Smartly, Disney not only continued to allow Pixar to operate as it had before, they also placed a number of Pixar veterans into positions of Disney power. The new and improved Pixar run Disney fixed up the theme parks, re-instigated documentaries, short animation, classic animation, and got rid of the sub-par straight to DVD sequel money-grab.

The latest example of the new and improved Disney is the Oscar nominated Wreck-It Ralph. Wreck-It Ralph is a Toy Story-esque tale with video game characters in place of action figures and dolls. It is an excellent piece of filmmaking for kids and adults, and much like Toy Story is chock full of characters from multiple generations of the video game playing past. I haven't been a serious video game player for years, but after watching Wreck-It Ralph I felt like diving back in. With hopes high for Disney's future tales of Muppets and Marvel super-hero's and Jedi...maybe we should just let them handle everything in Hollywood.

The Mayfair is screening Wreck-It Ralph this-afternoon and tomorrow at 1:00pm.

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