Saturday, February 23, 2013

I always get pissed off and offended when someone says that there's nothing to do in Ottawa, my home-town and place of residence. Without fail, such a statement either comes from a Torontonian, and it's that kind of snarky attitude that makes the rest of the country not like 'em. Or the bad attitude comes from someone complaining about being bored, to which my rule of only boring people can be bored rule applies. Every time that someone complains of the lack of night life in Ottawa, I am always quick to counter their opinion and point out excellent things I have done in Ottawa at night.

Last night for example, when I went to see one of my favourite bands perform. Going to a Reverb Syndicate show is a worthy enough way to spend one's time. Going to a somewhat secret Reverb Syndicate show at an unlisted unadvertised venue hiding in a former auto-body shop off an alleyway is even higher levels of awesome.

When we walked into the place I was ready for a little latch to open up in the door and to be asked a secret password. To make the evening even more enjoyable, there were a couple of very cool lead-in bands, and there were a bunch of arcade games and pinball machines. Best of all from my friends point of view was Galaga, her favouritest video game of all time. I was most excited by an incredible piece of geek memorabilia in the form of a Doctor Who pinball machine (featuring the first eight incarnations of the Doctor).

So, I spent my night in a packed little club, listening to live rock n roll, playing pinball. See, there are always fun things going on here...just don't tell anyone from Toronto. Don't want any boring people cramping our style.

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