Sunday, February 17, 2013

Man! That Field of Dreams poster is one of the most terrible posters I've ever seen, and Hollywood has been quite skilled in the past few decades at putting out really terrible poster-work. What's Kevin Costner even doing? Just kinda standing there all by himself with his legs strangely crossed and his hands dead mannequin placed on his hips. And they couldn't just stand him in front of a corn field? Those corn behind him look like they were plucked straight from an 8 bit video game.

Well, sub-par poster aside, Tracy Arnett is being generous enough to present a free screening of the fantastical baseball story at the Mayfair tomorrow for Family Day. Not only that, but everyone in attendance can also ger a free small popcorn and a free small drink. Tis truly a Family Day miracle like no other that has come before in the entire history of hundreds of Family Day's that have come before!

Field of Dreams screens tomorrow at the Mayfair at 3:00pm. Tracy Arnett will be accepting donations on behalf of The Hospice at May Court.

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