Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Watched the new documentary from Sarah Polley, Stories We Tell, last night at the Mayfair. Her directorial efforts continue to impress me, and it makes me so proud that she has put her roots down in Canada and continues to produce her work and tell her stories in her homeland. Her latest picture explores the history of her immediate family, mainly focusing on how the life and death of her mother effected herself, her siblings and her father. The movie questions how we all have different points-of-view on what is in fact the true stories of our lives, and expertly inter-cuts interviews, home movies, and recreations to puzzle-piece together this amazing little documentary with twists stranger than in many a fictional tale.

You have one more chance to see Stories We Tell at the Mayfair, tonight (December 4th) at 7:00pm. Get out there and show your support for Canadian cinema. I don't know what more proof people need that Canada continues to produce great and diverse films. I cannot recommend this movie enough.

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