Thursday, December 20, 2012

Every time December rolls around, it seems that people moan and complain that there were no good movies released throughout the year. This always frustrates me, because there are great movies released every year, it just seems the masses would rather watch reality tv or cop shows or do whatever else they do to pass the time instead of watching good movies.

Last night I watched yet another great 2012 movie that seems to be making a lot of year-end best-of lists and garnering lots of geek appreciation cred and award buzz. Looper is an impressive sci-fi action drama featuring Bruce Willis as the elder and Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the younger versions of the same character. A character who makes a living as an executioner of people sent back from the future to be disposed of, with the stipulation that he will make a fortune but will also have to kill a 30 years elder version of himself sooner or later. When Joseph is faced with killing himself (as played by Bruce), he screws up and is left both chasing himself down and trying to avoid punishment from the crime boss he is employed by.

Does that make sense? Explaining time-travel movies can be a bit confusing for the writer and the reader alike. In fact, right in the context of the movie, Bruce's character angrily and frustratingly retorts the he doesn't want to think about time travel 'cause it's too confusing (that is either smart or lazy screen-writing...not sure).

The film is filled with some great performances, especially from the two sides of the titular Looper. Joseph Gordon-Levitt has graduated with amazing success from his bad laugh-track sitcom beginnings, and more and more I think Bruce Willis may end up being the greatest movie star of his time. He can of course handle any action-hero duties a movie might need, and as a bonus he can hold his own in dramatic or comedic roles, and isn't afraid to play a supporting or unlike-able role.

Looper is smart sci-fi, and at it's core is an impressive and entertaining crime morality drama. And, so your brain doesn't get too overwhelmed with the scientific complexities of travelling through time, there is also a whole bunch of of awesome guns-a-blazing battles to keep your attention.

Be prepared to prove jerks wrong when they say that there are no new good movies being made, catch Looper tonight at 9:15pm at the Mayfair.

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