Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Nothing says Merry Christmas like a Mobile Organism Designed Only for Koffee! The mad scientist that could only have been designed in the Marvel Comics heyday by the genius that was Jack Kirby and titled the Mental/Mobile/Mechanized Organism Designed Only for Killing is now mine in mug form! We truly do live in an age of miracle and wonders.

Now, like a kid hepped up too much Santa delivered stocking candy, I will list all of the highlights of the treasure that I received:

Blu Ray: Prometheus, Cabin in the Woods and A Charlie Brown Christmas
Books: Mike Mignola & Christopher Golden's Father Gaetano's Puppet Catechism, Grant Morrison's Dinosaurs vs Aliens, Roger Ebert's Life Itself, & DC Comics: The Sequential Art of Amanda Conner
...also got the recently released Joey Ramone lost cd - which I hope is good, I love Joey Ramone, but often lost songs are left off of albums for a reason.

Almost as awesome as giant cybernetic floating head to drink delicious beverages out of, also got not just Jenga, but Spider-man themed Jenga! What's could make the stress induced stacking blocks game more exciting than crossing it over with a geek brand!?

Anyhow, hope everyone is having a great holiday season, I have to get back to watching cartoons, reading Archie Comics, and eating.

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