Monday, December 10, 2012

Tonight my team was victorious in our battle to win the Winter Wonderland Edition of Geek Trivia as put together and presented by the fine gentlemen of Unreasonable Action. I always knew that my Marvel Comics, Star Wars and other such geeky know-how would pay off one of these days. I continue to be quite thankful that I spent my high school years reading comics, playing role playing and video games, and watching movies instead of studying boring old scholastic topics. If something like geek trivia nights is something that sounds appealing to you, you should go check out their web-site and listen to their podcast so you will know when the next one comes around. Then if you are feeling exceedingly geek brave, you can attend the event and try to dethrone myself and my mightily knowledgeable of useless information team-mates.

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