Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Martin Scorsese is maybe the most respected filmmaker alive, admired by his peers and worshipped by critics and fans of the cinema. Hence, I have a feeling that he doesn't just slap his name as a presenter on anything just for the hell of it. Easy Money is a newly released to North American theatres presentation, arriving here after a financially successful and award winning international run. Although not exactly the same genre, the Swedish crime thriller reminded me thematically of Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy. It plays along at its own pace, features a lot of great performances, some climactic action, and at the end you kind of wake of from it's world as the credits roll and realize that you may have just watched a masterpiece. It also happens to fall under my favourite sub-genre...the crime doesn't pay story - see also Simple Plan, Cassandra's Dream, The Killing, etc...

Easy Money screens tonight at 9:00pm at the Mayfair. Trust Mister Scorsese, he would not lead you wrong.

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