Friday, December 14, 2012

Although it took me awhile, I finally finished reading Comics Prose: Short Stories by Comics Writers. I always seem to be guilty of stopping and starting on short story collections, I read a story and then put the book down due to distraction from a longer book or comics or some competing collection of stories vying for my attention. According to a receipt found within the book, I purchased it in April 2011 while on a visit to NYC. I read one of two stories on the flight home, and picked it back up off the shelf a few days ago determined to take it off the check-list of stuff to read that is around the apartment. The book is a collection with no over-all genre or theme besides for it's writers usually are known for work with sequential art accompaniment. Writers in the collection include Astro City's Kurt Busiek, Road to Perdition's Max Allen Collins, Batman universe writer and editorial mastermind Dennis O'Neil, Crisis on Infinite Earth's Marv Wolfman and Harley Quinn co-creator Paul Dini. It's an interesting thing to check out if you are a fan of these writers previous comic book writings, or it makes a good jumping on point if you are reading inclined but not comic book initiated. You just might stumble on some entertaining stuff that will pique your interest to check out something of a more actual comic book-y inclination.

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