Thursday, June 28, 2012

Tomorrow the Mayfair presents the Ottawa premiere of the People's Choice Award winner at TIFF 2011 for Best Documentary, The Island President. The film follows the challenges resting on the shoulders for Mohamed Nasheed, the president who brought democracy to his Maldives homeland.

On top of the usual stresses that a politician from a small country might run into, he and his people have an added challenge. Thanks to rising waters due to global warming, in the near future if things do not change, his low-lying country will be submerged and its people forced into displacement. Not only is the rest of the world seemingly not rushing to Nasheed's aid, he also has to deal with threats from former the evil dictator of his land.

Yes, another heart-warming true-story cinematic offering for your Mayfair cinematic enjoyment. Luckily depressing doesn't equal bad in the documentary genre. Maybe you'll even be inspired to try to do good and help the cause upon finishing watching the film. Sure it might not be a by the books Hollywood feel-good romp, but just maybe it might inspire you to help save the world.

The Island President premieres tomorrow night at 9:15pm, followed by four more screenings through July 4th.

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