Thursday, June 21, 2012

It's new Dunny day!

I'm trying to cut down on buying things, making use of the library instead of the book store, and cutting back on Blu Ray purchases since I hardly ever watch movies at home anymore. I also don't collect action figures as I did back in the day. I bare no ill will towards them, but there's the simple factor of only so much shelf-space in an apartment, and other things that money can be spent on.

Having said that, that will not stop me from dropping by Lost Marbles, Ottawa's best elite hipster toy store, and buying some offering's from Kid Robot's latest round of limited edition collectible vinyl art toys. Some think that such items are noting but dust collectors, but I am hooked on the little guys and really do consider them art. The challenge that artists undertake to make a tiny bunny guy be different in various simplistic and complicated ways continues to intrigue.

The extra treasure hunt factor is increased by the Dunny's being sold only in blind-box form. Meaning that I can only keep my geeky fingers crossed in hopes that I will be lucky enough to get the Tara McPherson piece.

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