Saturday, June 02, 2012

Road tripped down to Utica, New York with my Rideau Valley Roller Girl family. Besides for the normal fun and adventure of a roller derby road trip, my goal was to track down a 7-11 and get a Slurpee in an Avengers cup. Alas, just like in Ottawa, 7-11's seem to have gone extinct there too.

Drove past a lot of cows, quite a few "sleeping" animals at the side of the road, and a lot of strange front lawn decorations ranging from Moses to dinosaurs. Passed by a big Lifesavers monument, which I think was in honour of the creator of the Lifesaver coming from the town we passed through. Went to a giant sports equipment store, being a Canadian, I was stunned by all the weapons and violent paraphernalia left out alongside the running shoes and tennis rackets. If I had wanted to get all vigilante justice ready, the mall is the place to go for all your crossbow, giant knife and firearm needs.

The staff at the derby rink were great. I think they thought that I was in a position of authority, 'cause they ave me the grand tour and pointed out where everything was. They were even kind enough to get us some vegan pizza for us non-meat / non-cheese eating members of the posse.

The Vixens lost a close fought battle to the CNY All Stars, 192 - 183. As per usual I found it very hard to pretend to be neutral and refrain from cheering while helping out with the score-keeping.

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