Thursday, June 14, 2012

I love the Alien movies. All four of them, though even my adoration could not get me through the ones where they fight Predators. Hence, I have been in great anticipation of Ridley Scott's return to the universe which he helped introduce to the movie going public back in 1979.

I wanted to see it so badly that I ventured from the safe and high quality confines of The Mayfair Theatre to view it. As I am always quick to point out on these evil multiplex going experiences, I did not pay to get in and so it's not really like cheating on my theatre. I kinda hate multiplexes. The patrons are a different level of not caring and rude, the employees often clearly don't care, and the quality of the projection is often sub-par. And there's the fun of hearing explosions from the neighbouring screen leak over into your movie watching experience (in this case I think I heard a great deal of Men in Black III).

I had a pretty good feeling that Prometheus was going to have a certain aspect of damned if you do and damned if you don't about it. If the movie had Noomi Rapace running around fighting giant space bug monsters there would be accusations that it was just an unnecessary copy-cat prequel. And if it was wildly different, fans would complain that it wasn't an Alien movie. It was likely a good idea to keep 'Alien: Episode 1' out of the title, and to only drop the basest hints of any connection to the universe via the ad campaign leading up to the films release.

There seemed to be many complaints that the movie was hard to follow and confusing, these complaints came from people who are idiots. I really enjoyed the movie, especially because it was completely embedded in the Alien universe and yet a completely stand-alone tale. If you have no knowledge that Sigourney Weaver has fought off terrifying space bugs on a number of occasions, that will not hinder the tale for you even in the least. Anyone who found Prometheus too complex should go back to watching offerings more to their intelligence level, mayhaps one of the Alien vs Predator offerings would be more to your liking.

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