Friday, January 31, 2014

Was going to go see the Aaron Eckhart starring Underworld-esque monster movie I, Frankenstein tonight. Alas, it was only available to be seen in 3-D. I pretty much hate the modern day 3-D Hollywood movie trend. I've never sen a 3-D movie presentation that made me get on board with the pitch that this is the best way to watch movies. And no movie originally presented in 2-D achieves any advantage of being put through the 3-D wringer. When silent films became talkies, when black & white became colour, when special effects got better and better...all of those things can actually help to tell a cinematic story. The best 3-D can do is represent a somewhat blurry Mjolnir flying towards me once in a two hour movie. Plus, it gives my friend headaches. So, go to hell 3-D. Maybe I'll see I, Frankenstein in glorious 2-D somday, the way the gods intended us to see motion pictures.

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